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Oscar te Giffel

Oscar te Giffel. I wan't to learn so many things. This is just my journey through life.

Software architectures

5 days ago

When I go down the rabbit hole that is the internet, sometimes I find some new architectures that have my attention I am interested in. This…


Rest vs Graphql

25 days ago

Atlassian Confluence editor

2 months ago

I have used a lot of text editors and online editors. You can call me an editor hoarder. I love trying out new editors. But the online text…


PHP is weird sometimes

2 months ago

In PHP when storing an string that could be a valid integer PHP casts it to an int for you. Why? Example: In javascript the same is possible…

Side effects

3 months ago

When developing you learn new things every day. Sometimes new things you didn’t know and sometimes things you already knew are confirmed…


PHP call to undefined function mb_strtolower

4 months ago

Picture you have 2 projects that have the same dependency to another repository. In 1 of the projects I kept getting the error . I tried to…


Learning new things in PHP

4 months ago

I have been developing PHP applications for a little over 3 years now. I don’t think I am experienced at all but I can manage. Sometimes I…


Apple file system is case insensitive

4 months ago

In my development career I have been working mostly in PHP. I know some other languages but mostly worked in PHP. In PHP you need to…


Flex box

4 months ago

I have not been web developing for long so I haven’t done anything before flexbox. I used frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma or Foundation to…

cssnew technologies

Hello world

4 months ago

This is my new blog site. I will be writing whatever I want about whatever I want. Sometimes it will be about new things if learned in…